Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What's in my bag

Wednesday, 13 January 2016
what's in my bag 13/01

Here are the top 6 items I've been lugging around in my bag as of lately:

Impulse - Charli XCX (rock & love) - got this little spray in my stocking and it smells so amazing. It's an oriental scent, featuring a mix of fresh and fruity fragrance notes, including amber and orange blossom. Great for freshening up as I go about my daily mishaps.

Marble iPhone case - I know marble has been all the hype lately but I just couldn't resist this case. It makes my phone look so much more beautiful and is so sleek and high quality. I can't find the exact same one online but the one I've included comes pretty close.

Hand and Nail Cream - Laura Ashley - this little hand cream is an absolute dream. My hands feel so hydrated and smooth after I've used it which is great for me as I always get dry hands throughout the colder months.

Black Oversized Tote Bag - Dorothy Perkins - I love this handbag. I received this from my brother for Christmas as I was in need of a new bag that would fit my macbook and notebooks for university and this does an amazing job.

Grey Zip Purse - Michael Kors - this present came from my boyfriend for my birthday and I love it. It actually has a similar texture to handbag which is great and the silver hardware makes it look so smart and sleek. The only downside to this purse is that I like carrying a lot of cards and it only has slots for 3. It's definitely big enough inside to fit more so I may have to buy a cardholder to slot in.

Velvet Teddy - MAC - this has been my go to colour for a long time now so it always ends up in my bag so I can top up when I'm out. Lately I've been suffering from pretty cracked lips and this wonder doesn't dry them out any more.

Unplug Every Day 365 Ways to Log Off, and Live Better - one of new years resolutions is to switch off more. I'm constantly glued to my macbook or my phone so carrying this little book of wonders in my bag nudges me to have a technology detox for a few hours a day. Each page has a different idea and has space for you to note when you completed it and reflect on how you felt.

Alongside these, I typically carry my keys, my student planner, a notepad and pen, chewing gum, throat soothers, chapstick, my makeup bag, earphones, a hairbrush/mirror compact and all those random receipts and crap that most bags accumulate.