Monday, 22 June 2015

Festival Ready

Monday, 22 June 2015
It's official, I'll be heading to Glastonbury festival once again this year! After attending the festival for the first time last year I have become a convert. I am slowly starting to imaginarily pack my rucksack in my head. I always end up overpacking for music festivals which is why I'm going to attempt to cut back this year by being more organised. If you'd like to see my checklist from last year just click here.
Now, for the outfits. I haven't entirely figured it out just yet but I have a rough idea and I'll probably end up picking up a few new things too. This year we're driving up a day early so that means I need 6 days worth of clothes (including what I'll be wearing there).

Wednesday - this is the day we'll be driving up so I want something relatively comfy, I also plan on wearing a chunky knit and raincoat to save space in my rucksack so I'm hoping it's not super sunny this day. Not that I'd complain if it was, but please God save the sun for the other days.

Thursday - there's not a lot on this day so it completely doesn't matter what I wear, maybe I'll go for something really nice as I tend to look worse and worse as the days go on so let's start high.



Sunday - need a little pick me up here, it's the last day and I'll most likely be flagging from going too hard the previous nights. This needs to be an outfit that I don't need to worry about or feel self-conscious in, just a simple something that'll cheer me up.

Monday - I am going to be a hungover mess this day so super comfy is an absolute must if I plan on getting home in one piece.

My usual attire is shorts and something but I'm thinking of fitting in a dress day and my friends are trying to convince me a super shiny crazy tight catsuit is a good idea.. we'll see.